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#44133 - March 14th 2001 10:06 pm Help with my horn...
GreyGhost Offline

Registered: December 24th 2000 12:00 pm
Posts: 77
Loc: Baltimore, MD
Ok, so lately the horn in my van decided to stop working. I took the cover off the steering wheel to find that the plastic retainers inside the steering shaft had cracked and fallen away. I really don't want to try and fix that, so I've decided to run the horn to another spot.<BR>THE PROBLEM: I can't find in any of my reference manuals(Chilton, Hayes) information on what wire(wires?) go to the horn from the fuse box. I'm looking for the color and such, so I can avoid taking the fusebox off of the firewall completely. My van info is:<BR>89 Chevy G20 5.7l 350<BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated; I've found the past couple of days to be very frustrating without a horn, not to mention dangerous on the road. Thanks again!<P>GG<BR>Baltimore

#44134 - March 14th 2001 10:58 pm Re: Help with my horn...

I can't tell you what wire it is, but I can tell you how to find it. Generally, all horns work by grounding the system. Your horn simply connects the system to ground, making your horn blow. If you understand electronics, you'll know why. If not, I won't be able to explain it to you, but trust me, It's true. So, all you need to do is find the steering column wiring harness connector. Use a jumper wire to ground each pin of the connector, one at a time, until the horn blows. That will be the horn wire. Then, simply reroute that wire to a button with the other end of the switch connected to ground.<BR>Good Luck,<BR>Andy.

#44135 - March 16th 2001 3:19 pm Re: Help with my horn...
GreyGhost Offline

Registered: December 24th 2000 12:00 pm
Posts: 77
Loc: Baltimore, MD
That's a really good idea...! I'm going outside to try it right now.<BR>Thanks!<BR> <BR>GG<P>ps...wish I'd thought of that

#44136 - March 16th 2001 10:45 pm Re: Help with my horn...
vancrzy Offline

Registered: January 09th 2001 12:00 pm
Posts: 319
Loc: columbus ohio duh!
some times it feels better to yell out the window i know it works for me

#44137 - March 16th 2001 11:31 pm Re: Help with my horn...
BoneHead Offline

Registered: December 22nd 2000 12:00 pm
Posts: 934
Loc: Florida/Rhode Island
Hope you don't turn the key on when you try this or you may end up screaming loud enough to replace your horn if you should directly ground a "hot" wire! :< ) <P>(Of course by the time you've seen this you've either found the right lead and fixed the horn or are toast.......)<P>------------------<BR> <BR>BoneHead<BR>Built on Vanning Memories<BR>Powered by Vanning Dreams

#44138 - March 17th 2001 2:47 am Re: Help with my horn...
sundance Offline

Registered: December 26th 2000 12:00 pm
Posts: 57
Loc: Crawley, West Sussex, UK
How about getting a sign printed for the back doors "HORN BROKEN ! WATCH FOR FINGER "<P>Yes I know its a old joke, but someone had to do it............

#44139 - April 17th 2001 1:30 pm Re: Help with my horn...
Billvill Offline
old hand

Registered: April 17th 2001 12:00 pm
Posts: 1097
Loc: West Chester PennsylVANia USA
Hello,<P> I hope you have the horn working by now but if you don't the post by Andy above is good advise. I would suggest using a test lamp to probe the wires instead of a jumper. With a test lamp if you tap into something thats hot at the time it will light the lamp rather than ark and trip a fuse. <P> I memory serves me right the horn wire in the column is black.<P> When you ground that wire it closes the primary side of the horn relay relay that in turn connect positive voltage to your horn. <P>Billy


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