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#45273 - May 09th 2005 10:28 pm 700r4 lock up kit
zakas Offline

Registered: May 05th 2005 12:00 pm
Posts: 29
Loc: las vegas
Anybody ever tap and die a servo plate on a 700r4 to install a 4th gear lock up soliniod/kit
on a non electronic van?

The 700r4 tranny is installed and working now, but it would be nice to lock up the TC on the freeway. Im just wondering if its worth it?

#45274 - May 12th 2005 7:55 pm Re: 700r4 lock up kit
van78ca Offline

Registered: April 05th 2005 12:00 pm
Posts: 27
Loc: grandbay newbrunswick canada
i m interested in the 700r4 also.was it a easy install

#45275 - May 15th 2005 8:44 am Re: 700r4 lock up kit
zakas Offline

Registered: May 05th 2005 12:00 pm
Posts: 29
Loc: las vegas
kind.of a bitch,
first my old flywheel had to be changed
it was about 2 inches to short from reachING the starter.

then the drive line had to be shortened by about three inches.

then you have to weld up / fabricate or buy
A NEW/modified tranny bracket.

i bent the tranny mounting brackets u tabs flat, on one side
and welded ON a LONGER L bracket/EXTENSION
i RE-used the old stock CROSSMEMBER & bolt holes.

i can take pictures if you want.
havent instlled the 4th gear lock up kit yet.
but i like the 700r4

#60109 - Now you can control the lockup converter on your overdrive transmission with your carbureted engine and not have to buy an expensive computer! With our easy to install Lock-Up Kit you donít need the computer or speed sensor. A vacuum controlled 4th gear pressure switch/lock up solenoid combination controls the lockup. Comes with everything to complete the job including a pan gasket. Fits any 700R4 GM transmission.

√ #12 700R4 forth gear torque converter lock-up switch. All you need is one hot wire to the transmission. No computer needed. Fits 1982-1993 transmissions. Cost $45.00

#45276 - May 15th 2005 3:16 pm Re: 700r4 lock up kit
monsterbox Offline
old hand

Registered: July 29th 2004 12:00 pm
Posts: 943
Loc: Tacoma, Wa
Im swaping in a 700r4 soon. I'll post how it goes.

#45277 - May 17th 2005 3:47 pm Re: 700r4 lock up kit
Sprinter13 Offline

Registered: May 25th 2004 12:00 pm
Posts: 253
Loc: VANcouver, B.C. Canada
I have been thinking of doing this too and am interested how it works out for ya both. Mine had a 700r4 in it beore I got it (Guy probley blew it). It still has the drive shaft (Looks like its going to fall out) and mount for the 700 but it has a 350 with a stage1 on it right now.

I want....No I need fourth and O/D man!


#45278 - November 23rd 2006 9:41 am Re: 700r4 lock up kit
jpb04619 Offline

Registered: May 03rd 2004 12:00 pm
Posts: 54
i used the painless your transmission temperature if you do not have lockup,it will run considerably hotter...also you will not get the full benifit increase in gas milage without the lock up[i put a trans temp guage on my 7000r4 conversion] john b

#45279 - November 23rd 2006 5:34 pm Re: 700r4 lock up kit
vancrzy Offline

Registered: January 09th 2001 12:00 pm
Posts: 319
Loc: columbus ohio duh!
i used the TCI kit in my 76 works great nice and ez to hook up
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