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March 06th 2014 7:29 pm EVENT FLIERS by Knighty

IN THE MAIL....Last week, after a week or two of addressing envelopes, we mailed out about 2oo plus envelopes containing fliers for LMDW and some included the flier for the NATZ....Most of you who attended the event last year will get a flier in the mail....BUT some of you who may have moved, or who failed to fill out your entry legibly, or got passed over in the mailing list will NOT get one...NO WORRY....If you contact me at : Ron McCasland, PO box 893, Saranac Lake NY 12983 or I will immediately mail you a copy of LMDW and/or the NATZ...Plans for LMDW are moving right along and all the details are being addressed...Insurance - done, Contract signed, Plaques and patches in progress, ect...I hope to see you at these events this year and can only hope that we don't get a repeat of last years weather at LMDW........I am planning on attending Meltdown after the Thaw II if I can get out of the yard...And I can also give you a flier for that event- just let me know what you need....TIETIS

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February 17th 2014 12:13 pm Council of Councils 2014 by Suzie-BGfNY-IN

It's a week and a day since we left beautiful New Orleans and all our dear loved
Vanning family! We had such a grand time! It sure was a treat going so many places in NO and seeing people you know everywhere! We had that when we were there 14 years ago too...a young couple we had met the previous Vanning season saw us on the banquette and made sure they came and said hello! NO is a perfect Vanner much to much eating, cock-tailing, and music, not to mention the shopping, touring, fishing, and plain ol' enjoyment of life going on in the city.

I have been looking through all the pictures, and I feel I missed so many of you! Sorry to those that I didn't hugg while there! We really stayed pretty busy and on the last day Oak taught himself how to open the brand new fridge in our room. He has decided he isn't so wild about Popeye's! That did keep me in the room with him the last night....I had a grand outfit too! We dressed in our PJ's for a while, went to Bourbon Street like 3 or 4 times, had dinner at K-Paul and lunch at Emirl's NOLA, ate at NOLA PO'Boy and Le Bayou and Voo Doo BBQ, the Avenue Pub had french fries with Bechemal, Bacon and sliced jalapenos...oh my!!... went to the Vanner movie, toured Mardi Gras World, shopped a few places and made it to Marie Leveau's for a pretty little purple bag, visited with one of the hubs' old friends from childhood who lived in NO now, went to a couple of 'beer bars', saw a funky band and a jazz band, meet a young kid we called 'Alabama' who was getting chewed up by Bourbon Street, went to the hosp. suite, visited the show and shine and a few around the courtyard, had a cab driver we called 61 and another who knew right where 'I don't know' is, Streetcar rides ended with a driver I know well, had a cocktail party at our room about every night and saw a few people a haven't seen in years!!! All that while changing rooms 3 times, checking on the injured, being injured, dog eating chicken, the rain, the chill, the sleet!

We left on Sunday hoping to get about half way home. We stopped for lunch and got back on the highway...then, about 20 miles into MS, my beautiiful new to me VAN we use in the winter, stopped running!!!! OH MY!!!! We were a couple of miles north of McComb....the two driver was very helpful and took us to a hotel that was Oak friendly with a dealership across the street. He said he 'knew a guy', but, we were certainly 'not from 'round here', and thought paying the dealer prices would save us from much other money later. Replaced the fuel pump at a huge price! and got out of what turned out to be the Bates Motel! The longer we stayed, the worse I felt...we left there at 4:15 on Monday. The rumour was for a big storm to be starting that night to the north, so we drove as long as it was clear. We did switch drivers more often than usual, but we made it home safe, with no storm at 6:10 Tuesday morning.

It's no wonder we are still recovering! I have one bag left and the pink box to sort through to finish unpacking...but I don't want to lose the connection to the wonderful time we had with our Vanner family in New Orleans! I am still cooking with that NOLA edge to it a place where you always get fabulous food and service with a yummy drink all in one place! Thank you again Amie, Smiley and the VCVC for a great Council week!

207 Views · 1 Comments
January 24th 2014 10:26 am SARANAC LAKE WINTER CARNIVAL / ICE CASTLE by Knighty

ICE CASTLE........Well it certainly doesn't look like the ice castle / palace is going to melt for a while....We have been enduring some severe cold weather for the past few weeks and the forecast is for more of the same.....
The opening weekend is Jan 31st and the event ends the following weekend or Feb. 9th....
We are booked for the first weekend- at least as far as sleeping....BUT could press the upholstery shop into service if needed...Let me know if you are interested.......The newly expanded diner will be in service both weekends..For carnival info check out (Saranac Lake Winter

173 Views · 0 Comments
January 20th 2014 4:31 pm Posting Events by Astro

Now is the time to start posting your events on so people can plan their summers!

Please read the instructions before posting.

ok, the info on how to post events has been up for a very long time, and the method hasn't changed at all.

events go here,


Add them here just like a normal topic, then use the calendar option at the bottom, under where you type.

When posting an event, please post as much info as you can, location, dates, cost, etc... the more information you provide, the better!. Include a link to the location in Google Maps to help people find it!

Please include the event name, dates, and location in the subject line.
example, "Generic Event, July 1-4, 20XX, Somewhere, State - USA/Canada

To get the event to show up on the calendar, make sure you check the box "List as event in calendar on" and select the date!

Just list it for the first day. Currently the calendar doesn't support multi-day events, but I have brought this to the creators attention and he will add that for the next version.

events posted directly to the calendar will be deleted.

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January 20th 2014 12:48 pm Council of Councils 2014 by Astro

Council of Councils is just around the corner!

all the info can be found here...

there are still several councils I have not received registration info from.
  • Northern California Van Council
  • Downstate Illinois Van Council
  • Quebec Van Clubs Association
  • V.O.I.C.E.S.
  • Texas Van Federation
  • Hoosier Van congress
  • Missouri Van Council
  • Van Association of New Zealand

I did speak with VOICES and NCVC and am waiting on those forms, I haven't heard anything from the rest of those councils.

if you are an official council rep, you need to tell the CofC board or you won't get to be a rep..

print and snail mail or scan and email, but you need to fill this form out and get it turned in.

you can also use our new form (still in beta mode, so let me know you filled it out so I can verify it)

141 Views · 0 Comments
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