Dan Craddock - Chairman

Dan Craddock


Dan co-founded Vannin Capital in 2010 and is currently its Chairman. He was one of the first people to invest significant equity capital into the global dispute resolution funding market having recognised the potential to build a highly scalable business in a sector with substantial barriers to entry. Under his leadership, Vannin has grown from a start-up to one of the world’s pre-eminent dispute resolution funders with clients and cases in 15 jurisdictions, and quantum under management consistently in the billions. He continues to use his unique blend of entrepreneurial skills, experiences and insights to drive the overall strategic direction of the company.

A successful entrepreneur across multiple sectors, geographies and business stages, Dan is also Managing Director of Bramden Investments, a private equity vehicle incorporated in the Isle of Man, funded exclusively by DLA Group (Dan’s Family Office) and setup to manage his diverse business interests. Vannin Capital is one of a number of portfolio companies and is majority owned by Bramden.

Bramden employs over 200 staff worldwide and has made profitable investments in 18 countries in the finance/banking, telecommunications, internet, technology, leisure, and real estate and construction sectors. Recent investments include: Plan.com, a B2B focused unified communications provider; Tiger Names, an internet domain name acquisition and management company; and ACHQ, a leading player in the multi-billion dollar US payment processing market.